Loyalty Account Information 

 Want more information on our loyalty account? Read Below.

Have all the benefits of a normal account:

  • Saved payment method for easier checkouts
  • Saved address for a faster checkout
  • Saved order history to remember what products were purchased in the past.
  • Product recommendations that you would like to see on A Star’s online store


Loyalty Program Accounts

  • Discounted Rates.
  • Heavily reduced minimums for free shipping throughout the lower mainland with our in-house shipping team!
  • Can become eligible to set up payment program Net-30 (All Invoices can be paid every 30 days).
  • Product recommendations are fulfilled with priority.


Any business can apply and save with our loyalty service even if your minimum annual is low!


How the process works.

  1. Click form from our home page and fill out all necessary information listed on the form.
  2. A team member from A Star Janitorial Supplies will contact you via preferred method provided on the loyalty program form.
  3. What is discussed once contacted: We will discuss the best subtitle program for you. We will also discuss what our company can offer you and we will work to get the best deals that we can for you and your business. 
  4. Create an account or use an existing account.
  5. Our team member will add the discount to your account and a shipping code will be given to you which can be used to get your low minimum shipping order requirement.
  6. Log in to the account and now you are able to make purchases at lowered rates and low free shipping requirement.  

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