Dustbane Nitro Liquid Drain Opener, 1L

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“Provides a powerful and fast acting solution for drainage issues as it clears the toughest clogs from any drain quickly. Safe for all septic systems and pipes, including PVC, plastic and old pipes.”


How To Use:

Wear gloves and safety glasses. Do NOT mix this product with any other chemicals or cleaning compound such as bowl and drain cleaner as a violent reaction or toxic fumes may result. Purge drain before using this product in order to remove any possible residual chemical. Add the recommended quantity to the drain. Always add the product carefully and slowly down the side of the toilet, sink or drain. Allow to stand for 15 minutes then flush with large amounts of cold water to clear drain. Do not pour in standing water or completely plugged drain. Always use cold water to flush drain as this reduces the amount of heat generated. If drain line is not completely opened, repeat application.


SAFETY DATA SHEET (Please Click Here)

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