A Star Janitorial Supplies will refund all damaged and defective products with disclosed proof of issue. However, A Star will not take back items unless a clear problem, which is due to the nature of our products. If you are currently facing issues with our products, please contact our customer service line at (866) 507-0079

A Star Janitorial Supplies is currently only a product supplier and does not offer any repairs. All warranties for equipment will be based off of manufacturer warranties for more help please contact us.

Return / Cancellation
Due to the nature of our products all transactions are final sale and cannot be returned. Our products fall under hygiene and sanitation; therefore, we want customers to know all products they purchase from A Star Janitorial Supplies are new and have not been previously sold.

All orders are allowed cancelation up to 8 hours after purchasing. A Star will keep the order on pending for 8 hours before the processing which gives you the option to cancel your order. To cancel an order please email you order number and request to cancel at or call us at (866) 507-0079

A Star Janitorial Supplies does not offer any repair services or direct warranties at this time. All products sold by A Star will be backed by manufacturer warranty (if available). For more information, please contact A Star via email: with your warranty issue.

All product pricing listed on this website is in Canadian Dollar (CAD).


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