M2 Professional 40"- 60" STEP-N-GO Wet Mop Handle, Aluminum Telescopic

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The innovative STEP-N-GO Telescopic Wet Mop Handle comes with a foot pedal for easy release of mop heads without any contact with the frame. Thanks to its small hooks, you can lift and dispose of the mop head without using your hands. The 60" telescopic handle has a retaining ring for added stability when working in difficult or overhead areas. The Telescopic handle also makes transporting the mop handle much more convenient. The twist locking mechanism lets you adjust the handle's length quickly and easily. This handle is compatible with narrow band mop heads.


  • Made of reinforced high impact plastic
  • Sturdy, 60" telescopic handle with retaining ring
  • Rounded ball end preventing your hands from slipping
  • The handle features a hang up hole for convenient storage
  • Compliant with the food service industry
  • Made in Canada

SKU: M2HW-7004-TEL

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