Impact Floor Stripper 4L/ 1 Gal

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Avmor’s IMPACT Floor Stripper is a versatile floor stripper that effectively removes conventional and environmentally preferred floor finishes. This low odour formulation evaporates slowly, allowing for superior contact time. IMPACT Floor Stripper does not contain any butyl, phosphate or ammonia. It will effectively and thoroughly strip most type of floors including vinyl, terrazzo, vinyl composition tile, ceramic tile and concrete floors.


1. Dust mop floor.
2. For LIGHT duty applications, dilute 1 part IMPACT with 10 parts water.
For MEDIUM duty applications, dilute 1 part IMPACT with 6 parts water.
For HEAVY duty applications, dilute 1 part IMPACT with 4 parts water.
3. Apply diluted IMPACT Floor Stripper liberally to the floor using a mop.
4. Allow the product to work for 3 to 5 minutes making sure the floor is kept wet.
5. To remove the old finish, scrub using a floor polisher equipped with the appropriate pad.
6. Pick-up emulsified finish with a mop or wet vacuum.
7. Rinse with cold clean water and allow it to dry.

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