Globe Syn-Pro Synthetic 5 Inch Wide Band Wet Blue Looped End Mop 24 Oz

Sale price$11.75


“The 5 inch wide band Syn-Pro® synthetic wet mop is made from anti-shrink synthetic blended yarns that can withstand repeated launderings. The looped ends maximize the mopping area and wide band with 8 rows of stitching provides additional strand support preventing the mop from fraying giving it a longer lifespan. Perfect for Commercial Janitors, contract cleaners, healthcare, industrial and more. Get more life from a wide band wet mop.”

-Globe Commercial Products

Key Features

  • True weight mop & individually bagged
  • Tailband prevents the yarn from tangling
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and disinfectants
  • Available in blue and orange looped mop ends

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