Dustbane Restore Floor Maintainer, 4L

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“A triple action floor maintainer for ultra high speed (UHS) maintenance programs which cleans and restores while maintaining an exceptional appearance.”


How To Use

Remove any surface dirt or dust with a treated mop. Wash floor with a neutral detergent. Dilute with unheated tap water according to the dilution rates listed below.

Mop-on application: Apply with a clean mop daily to enhance the gloss and preserve the finish in traffic areas.

Auto-scrubbers: Fill scrubber reservoir. Regulate the flow of the solution at a low, steady rate. Apply just enough pressure on the pad assembly to touch the surface of the floor. The rejuvenated area will be ready for traffic in minutes after cleaning. Rinse the automatic scrubber tank thoroughly with water after use to prevent film build-up.

Dry burnishing: Routinely, apply with a clean mop. Allow the solution to dry for 30 minutes before dry burnishing with UHS buffing pad.

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