Avmor Dazodet Plus Neutral Floor Cleaner, 4L

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DAZODET PLUS is low foaming, free rinsing formulation. It is a neutral floor cleaner designed to remove embedded soils from hard surfaces without any residue leaving the floor streak-free and shiny. 


can be used from a pail, spray bottle, as well as in an automatic scrubber facilitating a quick pick up. Its peppermint fragrance will leave areas smelling fresh and clean.

DAMP MOPPING: Mix 1 part cleaner to 80 parts waters.
FLOOR CLEANING: Mix 1 part cleaner to 40 parts waters.
HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: Mix 1 part cleaner to 20 parts waters.
AUTOSCRUBBER: Use approximately 1 part cleaner to 65 parts waters per tank to clean normal soils from surfaces. Increase concentration if necessary.

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